Artsy dreamcatchers, bed canopies, bohemian home and nursery decor. I’ve started my small business on at 2014. Sinse then i keep on learning from the best and staying open for anything new.

Предоставляемые услуги:
Bedroom Design Custom made boho style decor for bedroom Etsy shop owner. Ships worldwide Holiday Decorating Interior design Nursery Design
География работ:
All over the world Asia EU UK USA
Выставки, такие как "Арх Москва" и др.
Moscow 127642
Средняя стоимость работ:
Цена от 30 до 200 руб.
Описание стоимости работ:

shipping fee does't included. Its $12 for regular mail shipping and + $19 extra for express shipping by EMS

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